An auto voltage regulator (AVR) is now a days integral part of home, Industries and commercial establishment. So may what efficient and Modern electrical generation, transmission and distribution is there will be always low voltages observed at remote site and industrial site. auto voltage regulator is an electromechanical device that protect your costly appliances, computers, machines from unwanted low or high voltage generated in distribution system.

There are mainly three types of voltage stabilizers. Relay type auto voltage regulator, servo motor controlled and static voltage regulator. CtrlTech offers all types of regulator in Dubai.

  • Relay type auto voltage regulator has electronic circuit and relay to regulate voltages. Since there in no moving part in main operation of stabilizer while correcting voltage, it also a solid state type auto voltage regulator. Advantage of Relay type unit is that it has very low weight and low in cost. Disadvantage of relay type stabilizer is that, it is less durable and can not withstand high voltage surges. In some cases relay type voltage stabilizer get burn due to high voltage. 
  • Voltage Stabilizer supplier in Dubai.Servo type auto voltage stabilizer consisting of servo motor, Buck Boost transformer (BBT), Autotransformer. Output voltage of servo stabilizer is nothing but voltage across secondary of Buck Boost transformer. One end of primary of BBT connected to fixed tap of autotransformer and other end connected to shaft of servo motor. Whenever there is high or low voltage observed at input then servo motor moves across winding of autotransformer in such a way that voltage induced across secondary of BBT equals to set output voltage.  Servo voltage stabilizers has rugged construction and can sustain high fluctuation and it is more durable. for more understand auto regulator how it work, please refer our page.
  • Static voltage regulator as name suggest it consists of static circuit only. Voltage regulation is achieved with help of static semiconductor circuit without any moving past. Static auto voltage regulator can achieve correction in output voltage at much faster speed than servo stabilizer.

Where to Buy Voltage stabilizer in Dubai?

Once you done your homework on stabiliser you can approach to local CtrlTech dealer or call +971 6 5489626 or send email at CtrlTech representative will delivery voltage stabilizer unit at home. CtrlTech offer wide range of stabilizer in Dubai, UAE and middle Eastern countries. for supply installation of commission of large capacity voltage regulator in Dubai, they have full skilled team.

Why CtrlTech is reliable supplier of auto Voltage Regulator in Dubai UAE?

  • CtrlTech offer voltage stabiliser which comply all standards that mandatory for manufacturer of regulator in Dubai and Middle Eastern countries.
  • CtrlTech conducts load study to understand exact nature, rating & type off load so that Voltage stabiliser of suitable specifications should offer.
  • Over voltage, over current, short circuit Protections are standard item in all range of CtrlTech voltage regulator in Dubai, UAE.

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