Voltage stabiliser-voltage regulator-AVR-servo stabilizer-dubai-abu dhabi-UAE-Doha-1While selecting voltage stabiliser for your load we need to pay attention to some factor so that we can choose right type and right size of voltage stabilizer. One can follow following stapes to choose right type of voltage stabiliser.

Steps to select right voltage stabilizer in UAE.

  1. First of all you should know how much capacity of voltage stabiliser you need. Capacity of voltage stabiliser is mentioned in terms of Amps or KVA. If you want to use AVR (Automatic Voltage regulator) for single appliances then check current rating or VA rating of that appliance from its manual or from specification plate on it if you are going to buy voltage stabilizer. If you are going to use single regulator unit for multiple devices then sum up their current or VA rating to get total rating.
  2. Note down Frequency and Phases (Three phase or single phase) at your facility and your load. According to it we have to choose ac voltage stabilizer with same frequency and phases. 
  3. Note down High and low voltages that you observe at your place. This you can check with help of multi meter or get data from electricity board website. This will help us to choose stabiliser with right input voltage window.
  4. You need to decide how much percentage of voltage variation your load can sustain. It depend on type and quality of load. For example if you want voltage stabiliser to power heater then you can choose stabilizer with ±5% output voltage variation. But if you are using Voltage stabiliser to power sensitive load like Data Center server then you have to choose unit with ±0.5% output voltage variation.

 Where to Buy Voltage Regulator in UAE, Oman, Qatar and Middle East.

Once you done your homework on stabiliser you can approach to local CtrlTech dealer or call +971 6 5489626 or send email at

CtrlTech representative will delivery voltage stabilizer unit at home. CtrlTech offer wide range of stabilizer in UAE and middle Eastern countries. for supply installation of commission of large capacity voltage regulator in UAE, they have full skilled team.

Why CtrlTech is reliable supplier of Voltage Regulator in UAE?

  • CtrlTech offer voltage stabiliser which comply all standards that mandatory for manufacturer of voltage stabilizer in UAE and Middle Eastern countries.
  • CtrlTech conducts load study to understand exact nature, rating & type off load so that Voltage stabiliser of suitable specifications should offer.
  • Over voltage, over current, short circuit Protections are standard item in all range of CtrlTech voltage regulator in UAE.

This is all about how to select a voltage stabiliser.

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