No one can rule out possibility of voltage fluctuation even if you are at office, home or manufacturing plant. Voltage fluctuation occurs in spike and it hardly unnoticeable unless it damage any your equipment. Even if these voltage fluctuation don’t damage your equipment completely but it reduces life of your equipment. To correct voltage fluctuation and to protect your equipment you need automatic voltage regulator (AVR). Servo stabilizer is ultimate solution to correct voltage fluctuation and deliver constant voltage. This voltage stabilizer is must buy piece of equipment to protect your appliances at home and machinery in plants.

Use of Servo stabilizers.

Other than correcting voltage fluctuations, voltage regulators offers more benefits which are as follows:

  • Automatic voltage stabilizer protect your appliances from over current failure.
  •  Servo Voltage stabilizer protect your assets from short circuit condition.
  •  It fitted with digital meter from which you can monitor input and output parameters.
  • It unable user to maintain historic data of various parameter likes voltage, current, frequency, faults etc.
  • It offers low internal impedance.
  • And most important it protects user and his life.

Voltage regulator or automatic voltage servo stabilizer

How voltage stabilizer works?

Servo stabilizer corrects fluctuating voltage bu changing number of turns in input of copper transformer to make output voltage constant. It consists of servo motor which moves input terminal over input copper winding. If input voltage is less then servo motor moves over input side so as to increase number of copper turns at input and visa versa.

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