In this article we will understand working of servo stabilizer. As mentioned in our product page there are mainly three types of Automatic voltage regulator. Servo stabilizer, Relay type voltage stablizer & now newly introduce technology of static voltage stabilizer. To understand working of servo stabilizer, we need to understand different components of servo stabilizer and its functions.

Components of Servo stabilizer or Automatic Voltage regulator.

Servo motor controlled Automatic voltage stabilizer consists of following components (Please refer servo stabilizer circuit diagram shown below):

  1. Buck/Boost Transformer: Buck/Boost transformer connected between mains input and out of stablizer of load terminals. One terminal of primary of buck boost transformer permanently connected to fixed tapping of autotransformer while another end connect to motor shaft.
  2. Auto transformer: It has toroidal shape and auto transformer connected between neutral point and phase of input power supply.

How servo stabilizer works uae

  1. Motor: One end of Primary of Buck Boost transformer connected to shaft of this motor with arm and brush mechanism. When motor moves then this arm shaft moves across winding of autotransformer to increase or decrease number of winding. Motor is generally AC Synchronous motor or DC servo motor which is connected and it is fitted on top of autotransformers centre point.
  2. Motor Driver: It is purely electronic circuitry which controls movement of motor. It consisting of PCBs consisting of solid state circuitry made up of capacitor, register, transistor Amplifier, microprocessor and ICs.
  3. Control Circuitry Power supply: Control Circuitry PCB boards needs constant DC power supply. Control circuitry Power supply make available power for PCB boards. It consists of Rectifier (to convert AC to DC) and step down transformer.

Working of Servo stabilizer or stablizer.

To understand working of servo stabilizer please not that voltage across secondary of Buck Boost transformer is nothing but output voltage of stabilizer. It work as follow:

  • Voltage received from main at input of automatic voltage regulator is continuously sensed by accessories circuitry and gives feedback to Main control circuitry which consists of Microprocessor. This microprocessor continuously receives values of input voltages. Whenever there is high or low voltage at input of AVR automatic voltage regulator, the microprocessor gives trigger to motor driver.
  • Based on amount of high voltage or low voltage observed at input, “motor driver” moves servo motor across winding of autotransformer so as to increase of decrease no of winding and hence voltage across primary of buck boost transformer. It is since Servo motor shaft is connected to primary of buck boost transfer. And hence when there is change in voltage across primary of buck boost transfer then induce voltage across its secondary also changes. The motor moves in such a way that proper voltage should be observe across primary of Buck Boost transformer so that voltage across secondary should be equal to set or desired output voltage of servo stabilizer. And voltage across secondary of Buck Boost transformer is output voltage of stabilizer.
  • This process takes place continuously so as to correct input voltages.
  • In case of 3 Phase automatic Voltage Regulator is independent phase controlled then it will have above arrangement for all three phases separately. It means it is as good as 3 number of Single phase servo stabilizer in one unit.

As explained above servo stabilizer works.

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How Servo stabilizer works?