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Isolation transformer for marine and medical use.
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Introduction isolation transformers.

Isolation transformers, also known as marine or medical transformers, are helpful for voltage isolation and scaling. It is often used in power supply applications. You can use ground isolation transformers for three primary purposes. They include galvanic isolation, preventing ground loops, and connecting circuits and grounds in different potentials. Due to these properties, Datacenter, Hospitals, Airports, and ports use a marine grade isolation transformer. On this page, we will discuss its advantages, types, & its working in detail.

What exactly is an isolation transformer?

There are no differences between the two when it comes to purpose. The objective of both devices is A transformer is a mechanical device that converts power from one voltage level to another while maintaining the same frequency. The Isolation Transformer is created when a shared iron core connects the main and secondary windings. The secondary winding is physically and electrically insulated from the primary winding, as is customary in transformers. Between the two windings, there is no physical, electrical connection. They are magnetically connected rather than a physical connection.

This ‘line isolation’ is a very desirable feature for a variety of applications. The transformer acts as a filter between the two windings by isolating them because there is no electrical connection between the load and the supply. The voltage spikes, switching transients, and noise originating from the supply side are effectively blocked from being transmitted to the load side by the transformers.

A 1:1 turn ratio is used in several isolation transformers. These transformers are only used for isolation and are constructed to have the same input and output voltage. Except for autotransformers, all transformers provide isolation. When used with a switching power supply, transformer isolation prevents higher-order harmonic signals from compromising the performance of adjacent electronics.

It’s vital in computers and other devices that use microprocessors. Improper isolation might create interference with other system operations and excessive ripples in the output voltage waveform. Since most of the equipment in hospitals and ports is electronic-based, it needs medical or marine isolation transformer.

Why do we need an isolation transformer?

A transformer with galvanic isolation between the input and output windings is known as an isolation transformer. These transformers prevent people from accidentally touching the body, and it has high insulation strength between primary and secondary windings, separating different potentials and minimizing common-mode interference. Their transformer ratio is generally 1:1.

When you compare isolation transformers with step-up transformers and step-down transformers, you will notice some prominent differences. For example, it will not increase the voltage level or decrease the voltage level. They are providing galvanic isolation, which is quite essential for electrical devices.

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It will prevent the electrical systems from the flow of current. They don’t create direct contact for transferring electrical power. Instead, electrical power transfer is via induction, electromagnetic waves, or capacitance. Hence, you can easily overcome the risks associated with electrical shocks. It is one of the main reasons behind using a medical transformer.

With the advancement of power systems, the transformer has become a more significant power system component. Its safe functioning is closely connected to the overall power system’s dependability. Coil deformation in transformers refers to axial and amplitude dimension changes, body displacement, coil distortion, and other circumstances when the coil is stressed. There are two major causes of transformer coil deformation: the transformer is necessarily hit by an external short circuit fault while in operation, and the transformer collides accidentally during shipping and lifting.

Benefits of an isolation transformer.

Individuals, equipment, and organizations all benefit from the use of iso transformers. These benefits make this device an integral part of hospitals, ports, defense, and the aviation industry.

Most importantly, it saves time and money by preventing earthing failures. There will be no conductive connection between the ground and the secondary end of the transformer if these transformers are used. A marine isolation transformer offers the most practical value. CtrlTech offers 2 to 500kVA capacity in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Let’s deep dive and understand its benefits.

Block diagram of power ground isolation transformer
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Isolation transformers promote safety.

It can reduce surges.

Transformer isolation can reduce noise.

Iso transformers can correct harmonics.

It improves the power quality.

Types of power isolation transformer.

There are multiple types of isolation transformers available. Let’s explore the major types of isolation transformers that are available.

  • Step up type: Step-up isolation type transformers are capable of increasing voltage from the current status to a higher one. Key benefits of a step-up isolation transformer are available on the secondary side as the two sides are isolated.
  • Step down type: Step-down isolation transformers offer the inverse functionality of step up unit. In other words, these transformers can reduce the voltage from the current level to a lower one.
  • Single phase isolation transformer: The primary coil, secondary coil, and magnetic core are the major components of a single-phase isolation transformer, which employs the concept of electromagnetic induction to step up or step down the AC voltage. Both the input and output are single-phase AC power supplies, and the single-phase electric load requires just a single-phase power source.
  • Three phase isolation transformer: The three-phase isolation transformer has a three-phase balanced alternating current input and output, generating three-phase and single-phase power. In addition, the three-phase transformer includes three separate windings that may be connected to the input and output three-phase AC power supply in a variety of ways.

Difference between isolation and regular transformer.

Isolation transformers work on the same principle as conventional transformers, which work on the concept of electromagnetic induction. In most cases, it is a 1:1 transformer. Because the secondary coil is not linked to the ground and there is no potential difference between any secondary line and the ground, isolation provides a safe power source for maintenance.

Level of safety.

Low noise level.

Isolation transformers reduce power surges.

Applications of isolation transformers.

There are multiple useful applications. Let’s quickly go through what those applications are. Based on the applications, you can confirm whether you should be purchasing isolation transformers for your needs or not.

The main job of an isolation transformer is to provide safety isolation between a power source and a powered circuit or device. A transformer converts electrical power between two circuits that are not electrically linked. The voltage levels in those two circuits might be the same or different. Here are some other applications:

  • Pulse transformers can be made out of isolation transformers.
  • For computer network architecture, transformer is employed. In this case, the it serves as a pulse transformer.
  • The Isolation Transformer is sometimes used in both electrical and electronic circuits to defend against electrical shock.
  • Isolation transformers are used to minimize electrical noise in electronic circuits, electrical circuits, and some sensitive devices.
  • In a circuit, a transformer is employed to block ground loop interference.
  • Insensitive devices such as computers, oscilloscopes, and medical devices, the isolation transformer is utilized in power supply circuits.
  • Electrical and electronic testing instruments employ transformers.
  • Communication circuits and radars both require isolation transformers.

Understand the uniqueness of isolation transformers and their applications. Then you can go for the best type of isolation transformer.


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