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Introduction to Voltage Stabilizer.

After investing your money to buy expensive industrial equipment, you need to ensure their protection. Fluctuations in voltage are the main reason why your industrial applications get damaged. If they get damaged, you can’t afford the cost of going for replacements. To overcome such problems and protect your expensive equipment, you should think about purchasing a voltage stabilizer.

Lets understand more about voltage regulators.

What is a voltage regulator?

A voltage stabilizer or a voltage regulator can help you to regulate voltage fluctuations effectively. If you cannot get constant voltage to the industrial facility, you should consider investing your money in a Servo stabilizer. Once you buy the AVR, you don’t have to do anything to regulate the voltage. All you have to do is to set it up and allow it to deliver the expected functionality. The stabilizer is one of the most prominent pieces of equipment you can have at your industrial facility. It will continue to help you save money in the long run.

When you deep dive to look at the functionality inside a servo motor-controlled AVR, you will figure out that it is based on how a transformer works. Apart from providing continuous voltage, a voltage stabilizer can also provide the assistance needed by your devices to function correctly. In other words, the automatic voltage stabilizer can distribute the right amount of voltage needed by industrial applications. You can keep peace of mind to provide 100% protection to your appliances against voltage fluctuations.

Why we need a Voltage Stabilizer?

Now you have a basic understanding of what voltage regulators are all about. Before you buy a static voltage regulator, it is essential to check and confirm whether it is a perfect option available for you to buy as of now or not.

One of the main reasons you should purchase a voltage stabilizer is to provide extra protection to your electrical appliances against voltage fluctuations. Voltage fluctuations can cause damages to the parts working inside your electrical devices. As a result, you will not be able to get them to perform as per your expectations.

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If you have gone through this struggle or if you don’t want to go through it in the future, you should purchase a voltage regulator. A voltage regulator will not just provide electrical damage protection against voltage fluctuations.

It can also provide added protection against voltage swell and sag as well. On top of that, you will also be able to provide maximum protection against over voltages and under voltages. Also, you will be able to reduce your energy expenses with the support offered out of a three phase voltage stabilizer. Once you start using the voltage stabilizers, you can experience a significant reduction in energy consumption. Hence, you will be able to cover up the investment you made within a short period of time as well.

The uneven voltage supply is one of the main reasons behind equipment breakdown. Fluctuation will create a significant impact on your business by making you waste both time and money. Hence, it is always the right choice to buy a three phase voltage regulator and install it. Then you will be able to prevent all those losses that you have to experience.

What are the different types of voltage stabilizers?

When you want to purchase a voltage stabilizer, you will notice multiple options to consider. It is important to locate the most appropriate type of voltage stabilizer out of them for your needs. Otherwise, it will not be possible for you to reap the return that comes along with your investment. Here’s a short description of some of the most prominent types of voltage stabilizers that you can find out there.

Servo Motor Controlled

Inside a servo motor-controlled voltage stabilizer, you will notice how the voltage guideline functions through a servo engine. That’s the main reason why it is called servo motor controlled voltage stabilizers. These are having close-circle frameworks. You can expect to receive high return voltage precision out of them. In other words, fluctuations of voltage will be under 1%. Therefore, you will be able to rely on a servo motor-controlled voltage stabilizer.

A servo voltage stabilizer would receive power from the main power supply at your industrial facility. Then it will beat the power supply via an in-built servo motor. This servo motor would function synchronously with the variable transformer and buck-boost transformer. Then, it will provide the desired output voltage to the electrical devices that you have. This will help you make sure that all the devices receive the right amount of voltage at any given time.

You can further divide servo motor-controlled voltage stabilizers into two categories: step relay type voltage stabilizers and step-less voltage stabilizers. The step relay type stabilizers are smaller in size. You can get a convenient operation out of them. These voltage stabilizers are cost-effective as well. On the other hand, step-less voltage stabilizers are solid and highly dependable. Based on the requirements of your load, you can pick the right option.

Static Stabilizer

As you can see by the name, a static voltage stabilizer would provide a static voltage output to you at any given time. You don’t see any moving components inside this kind of voltage stabilizer. In other words, you don’t see a servo engine or any other equipment. However, you can expect to receive a high level of accuracy out of them. For example, the fluctuations in voltage will be under 1%.

Inside a static voltage regulator, you can discover a microprocessor, micro controller, and a buck and boost transformer. They can work together and deliver precise results to you with controlling voltage.

Outdoor Voltage Stabilizer

Many applications force the installation of equipment at outdoor locations. For example, devices are installed under the open sky at a remote telecom switching center or a traffic single. Thus, there is a need for outdoor voltage stabilizers that can withstand harsh weather conditions without compromising their efficiency. CtrlTech offers an outdoor voltage regulator housed in IP65, IP 54, and IP55 rated cabinets.

These cabinets protect units from vandalism and forced entry, corrosion, electromagnetic interference and provide air cooling to increase lifespan. Outdoor stabilizers are often used at airports, oilfields, the defense industry, and the energy industry.

Air Cooled Stabilizer

When you want to purchase a air cooled voltage stabilizers are pretty much similar to oil cooled voltage regulators. They come along with a specific cooling mechanism, which will ensure the protection of the stabilizer against high temperatures. However, cooling will be done through the air.

If you are concerned about environmental safety, an air cooled stabilizer would be a perfect option available to consider. They are available for your purchase at an affordable price as well.

Unlike oil cooling, air cooling fans need not to replace after a certain period. Also, air cooled systems are lightweight than oil-based cooling systems. In a nutshell, air cooling is the best option for the small capacity unit, while oil cooling is for large systems. Spare parts and repair charges of oil-based regulators are certainly much higher.

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Oil Cooled Stabilizer

Oil cooled voltage stabilizers are quite popular among industrial applications as well. These voltage regulators deliver the same functionality as ordinary voltage regulators available out there. However, they are in a position to deliver a better level of protection to the voltage stabilizer.

That’s because there is a precise oil cooling mechanism, which can work without causing any damages to electronic appliances. Due to the same reason, you will have all the freedom to go ahead and use these for precise applications.

You have the freedom to use an oil cooled stabilizer for both high voltages and low voltages. If you use the voltage stabilizer and a transformer, this will be a great option available to consider. That’s because the transformer will generate heat, and you will need to have a specific system in place to minimize the damages caused by heat.

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What are ideal features of a Voltage stabilizer?

The main feature of a voltage stabilizer is to ensure voltage control against voltage fluctuation. In other words, you will be able to use this device at your industrial premises to receive a constant voltage to all the appliances.

It can also provide added protection against wild voltage fluctuation, which can be dangerous for the electrical appliances you have. You will always be able to receive voltage regulation against sag and swell as well. On top of that, you can get a continuous voltage supply throughout the day. The voltage regulation capabilities offered by a voltage stabilizer are outstanding, and you will be able to use that for both balanced or unbalanced load and supply.

You can get a high level of efficiency out of the voltage controller. This will help you to make sure that you are not wasting your money unnecessarily to keep the voltage regulator up and running. It is easy to maintain as well. It would help if you focused on basic maintenance activities, and you can continue to get the results offered by it for many years.

No matter what type of three phase voltage stabilizer you buy, you can expect to receive a high level of accuracy. That’s mainly because voltage stabilizers available out there are manufactured with the help of advanced technology. You will also be able to control the power and voltage output according to your preferences. The technology behind these voltage stabilizers and regulators is proven. They are super helpful in providing the assistance you need to protect your electrical devices and appliances at home.

How to select & calculate voltage stabilizer capacity?

How to calculate voltage stabilizer capacity?

It is essential to select the correct size of the voltage regulator. This process involves the process of calculating total power consumption to choosing a good supplier. One has to not only select the suitable capacity but the right type also. One needs to choose between static and servo based voltage stabilizer or regulator that suites to the load most. Let understand it step by step.

Total Time: 20 minutes

STEP 1: Selecting the right voltage stabilizer capacity.

How to calculate voltage stabilizer rating?

The first step towards buying a stabilizer is, to sum up, all your loads. If you want to buy AVR for a single load, you will get the required capacity from the equipment’s nameplate. For multiple machine loads, add the KVA or KW rating of all machines. In general, the automatic voltage stabilizer’s rating is mentioned in VA or KVA.

For single-phase load, you can get VA by following formulas
VA = voltage x current.
VA = Watt / power factor.

For three phase loads:
VA = 3 x Phase voltage x Phase current.
VA = √3 x Line voltage x Line current.

Sum up VA rating of all load to get total power consumption. Also, always consider a 20 to 25% margin.

STEP 2: Select the output phases of the voltage regulator.

How to select three or single phase for voltage regulator?

It is time to decide if you need AVR with three or single-phase output. It depends on the types of load you have and the total required capacity. Hence there are the following possibilities.

If you have all single-phase loads and the total requirement is less than 20kVA, go for a single-phase output unit.

If you have all single-phase loads, but the total requirement is more than 20KVA, then go for a three-phase output system and equally distribute loads on all three phases.

If you have mixed or only three-phase loads, then go for three phase-output voltage stabilizer.

STEP 3: Selecting essential features.

How to select features of AVR?

The unit should have some must-have features that no buyer should compromise. Some of those are as follow:

Display and indications: The ac voltage stabilizer should have an LCD controller that shows all input and output parameters. Also, it should have LEDs for mains power, three phases, and bypass.

Protection: Check if the system has protection against overvoltages, surges, overcurrent, and overload.

Correction speed and accuracy: The unit should stabilize voltage fluctuation with speed. Thus, make sure it has more voltage per second correction speed. Also, the output voltage should not have a variation of more than 1 to 2%.

Independent phase control: A three-phase stabilizer should have a mechanism that controls all phases independently. Such machines are suitable for both balanced and unbalanced types of load.

STEP 4: Select servo or static type unit.

Choose between static or servo regulator.

Depending on the types of load, we need to select between servo and static type units. Static voltage regulators are costly, but it has high correction speed and delivers a stable output voltage. Hence, it is more suitable for sensitive equipment like computers and electronic machines. For industrial and motor loads, a servo stabilizer is the best option.

STEP 5: Selecting the right voltage stabilizer supplier.

How to select voltage stabilizer supplier?

It is the most crucial step. To get genuine product and warranty support, you should choose the best supplier. Negotiate on warranty terms. Cross-check if the dealer has a proper service center or not. For a three-phase system, you should demand on-site warranty terms.

Estimated Cost: 300 AED


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