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Voltage stabilizer or voltage regulator or servo or AVR

Servo Voltage Stabilizer

 Voltage Stabilizer or Voltage Regulators.Voltage Stabilizer or Voltage regulator is device which generates constant output voltage even there is variation in input voltage when input voltage within range for which it designed. Since this device correct voltages automatically, it often

About Us

About Us

We Control Technologies FZE (CtrlTech) is based at SAIF Zone Sharjah and serving in all countries of Middle East. We offer Power, Cooling and Monitoring solution for Datacentre. As part of Power solution we offer voltage Stabilizer, Voltage Regulator, Servo Stabilizer, Automatic Voltage

Static Voltage stabilizer or static voltage regulator in UAE

Static Voltage Stabilizer

Static Voltage StabilizerStatic Voltage Stabilizer or Static voltage regulator is same as servo voltage stabilizer but without any moving part. In Servo Stabilizer correction in output voltage achieve with help of moving tap by servo motor hence correction in voltage

What are type different types of Voltage stabilizers?

An auto voltage regulator (AVR) is now a days integral part of home, Industries and commercial establishment. So may what efficient and Modern electrical generation, transmission and distribution is there will be always low voltages observed at remote site and

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How to Select right Voltage Regulator?

While selecting voltage stabiliser for your load we need to pay attention to some factor so that we can choose right type and right size of voltage stabilizer. One can follow following stapes to choose right type of voltage stabiliser.Steps

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